Our Story

NU Tea was created to fill the white space on the shelves and in the bellies of people like us who love tea and the health benefits inherent in tea, but wanted something more. Wanted their tea amplified. Amplified with other organic and natural ingredients to boost wellness and make us feel great. We set out with several principles. First, no added sugar (1-2 grams max from natural sources like juice). Second, keep the calorie count low (10-20 per bottle). Third, maximize the health benefits by the ingredients we blend in. Lastly, give you a taste experience like you've never had before! 

NU Tea is Unsweetened Iced Tea. Amplified!

Did you know that Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water? It is, yet there are so many benefits that can be offered through tea that just aren't readily available to consumers today via a convenient ready to drink option.

Nu Tea seeks to fill this gap. Our mission is to provide our consumers with a premium real brewed tea that is blended with other various organic and natural ingredients to enhance the flavor while targeting specific health and wellness benefits. Our products are inspired by the intersection between the cultural globality and health benefits that teas have offered throughout history. We strive to provide these benefits to our consumers seeking a proactive ‘on the go’ convenient option to quench thirst while improving the body.

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